Customized Polyester Dope Dyed Yarn 10D/12F

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Customized polyester dope dyed yarn 10D/12F

PRODUCTION OF Customized polyester dope dyed yarn 10D/12F

Living, food, clothing, moving, clothes first, it serves to show to the people's attention for clothes, if you want to become a dress, will taste in clothes, that'll be the first to know it's not the clothes of various styles, but further to understand each kind of fabric, understand each thread, such as "polyester dope dye dty ".

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This yarn is a very popular all over the world in recent years , the application of it is spread all over the world, this yarn will be mixed in many fabrics , if you can understand  its features, and understand why it is popular, so relatively u can have a preliminary understanding of dozens of different fabrics, now look at the following several aspects.

PRODUCT FEATURES OF Customized polyester dope dyed yarn 10D/12F


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polyester dope dyed dty can show many colors to people, but another yarn can't show much colors, because of the limitation of pigment or  thread material , it is difficult to achieve such colorful color, and after dyeing the color many be lignt or dark, and it easys to decolorizing, So the polyester dope dyed dty has colors because it is direct spinning of color,due to its stability, now this yarn is one of the  best choices.



Now, in the market, sellers just say, our materail is natural materil, natural fabric, then  they can sell it better, to sell more, so manufacturers are using raw materials, to catch more market and oppourtunity. for this way, sellers and customers are satisfied with natural material


Many imitation viscoseyarn, it has enough soft, but strength is not enough. or  strength enough,  soft is not enough, but polyester dope dyed dty yarn has two featurers, it can meet soft and strength. it feels good, simple sense of high-grade, and flexible solid, lasting durability, is a good option for producing all kinds of fabrics.

SPECIFICATION OF Customized polyester dope dyed yarn 10D/12F


we can product many specification, if u have any interesting, pls connect us at any time.

Packing and shipping.

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