polyester textured yarn (DTY)/Elastic dope dyed DTY Knitting PBT Yarn

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1. PBT Fiber is a newly developed product in recent years.
2. Compared with other chemical fibers, it has good durability,dimensional stability and elasticity, and its elasticity won't be effected by humidity.
3. The hygroscopicity,abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, light resistance and heat resistant are excellent.
4. PBT fiber has the dimensional stability of polyester, the soft feel and the abrasion resistance of polyamide, it also has reversible relaxation-tension with external force, which makes Fabric fit.
5. Dope dyed PBT yarn is widely used in the fabric of jeans,swimming wear,shirt,underclothes , pants and so on.
6. The bright level of color is the same as cationic dyeing color, it can make fabric like PET and PA6 fabric.

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