Polyester 7D EMI Shielding Fabric

Product Details

Product introduction

what is EMI, EMI is Electromagnetic Interference.

When the electronic equipment is working, it does not want to be interfered by external electromagnetic waves, nor does it want to emit electromagnetic waves to interfere with external equipment, as well as the harm of radiation to human body. Therefore, electromagnetic shielding is needed to block the propagation path of electromagnetic waves. 

we use polyester 7D/8F raw white DTY make fabric first, it is super thin fabric.

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Product features

the EMI material fabric has three kinds. 

our fabric belongs to polyester conductive fabric.

after electroplating metal coating, we can get conductive fabric.

It can be divided into: electroconductive cloth with nickel plating, conductive cloth with gold plating, conductive cloth with carbon plating, aluminum foil fiber composite cloth. The appearance has tabby and mesh distinction.

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Product specification

the thickness of this fabric, we have two thickness fabric

1-0.014mm+-0.01mm   weight is 18g+-1

2-0.018mm+-0.01mm   weight is 22g+-1

Product packing and shipping

one roll is about 300-500meter.
our MOQ is one roll.

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