Polyester Draw Texturized High Elastic Yarn

Polyester Draw Texturized High Elastic Yarn
Product Details

Product introduction 

PBT is  polybutylene terephthalate. PBT fibre has superior elastic recovery performance and good stability of elastic .

And PBT has DTY and FDY. we can produce DTY and FDY. 

now we can produce High elastic, the shrinkage is 30% larger than normal PBT yarn.



Pruduct features

PBT's elasticity is better than nylon, its chemical resistance is better than Spandex, it can be dyed in normal temperature and pressure, and dyeing fastness is high, good dimensional stability, anti-pilling, antistatic., and the price is far lower than Spandex.



Product application 

Fiber can be widely used in knitting, woven fabrics, can replace spandex production of core spun yarn . we can use PBT make high-grade sportswear, swimsuit, casual wear fabrics. PBT high elastic yarn has a wide application prospect in sanitary materials, clothing and other fields, and it is a new competitive product in the future elastic fiber market.

Product packing and shipping 

normal packing or customized 

shipping: many ways.

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