Polyester Sheath-core Fdy Yarn

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Product Details

Product introduction

 it is 100% polyester

 it is RW.

and the specification is from 30D - 420D, but we only produce 50D 

polyester sheath-core fdy yarn3

polyester sheath-core fdy yarn2

Product details

The fiber has a low melting point of the cortex, thermoplastic and self-viscous, when heated to a certain temperature, the cortex will soften and melt into elastic viscous fluid, cool and then re-solidify into solid, with the traditional finishing adhesive method, in the process of finishing, bonding and use, will not emit harmful substances to the environment and human body;

polyester sheath-core fdy yarn

Product Usages:

Curtains (gauze curtain, zebra curtain, Roman curtain)

polyester sheath-core fdy yarn1

Packing and shipping 

normal packing carton packing

packing 5

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