Color Changing Yarn

Product Details

Product introduction 

now we develope new DTY color changing yarn, 

the specification is 150/48, 

and we have four colors, pueple, pink, yellow,orange.

DTY and FDY, we all have.


Product features

first, our yarn will change different color under ultraviolet rays. in the room, it is raw white.

second, now we can produce dope dyed yarn, such as , we have light green, in the room, it is light green, 

but under the ultraviolet rays, it will change purple color.

and we also have light pink, light beige, it is dope dyed yarn, and under the ultraviolet rays´╝î the color will change.

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packing and shiping 

normal packing, DTY and FDY

put in the pallet and so on.

cationic yarn 1

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