Moisture Absorption Perspiration Dope Dyed polyester texturized elastic PBT Yarn

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Normal polyester molecular is lacking of hydrophile molecular. What's more its fabric is bad at absorbing water. The clothes can't soak easily by water. So it is difficult to excrete the sweat. Then people will feel uncomfortable and wont like these clothes.
We change the fiber by using hydrophile molecular. Though this way polyester fiber has better and longer hygroscopicity .

Hand feeling softly , skin-friendly
Moisture absorption and sweat dischargeable
Effective and easy decontamination
Dyeing at normal temperature and pressure
Meet the standard of energy conservation and environment protection
Diffusion speed:< 3 seconds/per drop of water
Drying speed: ≥0.18g/h
contaminating standard (FZ/T10012-1998)4-5 grade

Underwear , sports garments, towel, slim fiber fabrics and so on

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