2017 China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn/winter) exposition

2017 China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn/winter) exposition

China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) since its inception, the fair exhibition area by the first of 4000 square meters in 1995 increased to 2013 years of the 19th 175020 square meters, the exhibitors also consists of the first 12 countries and regions more than 100, to 2013 in 35 countries and regions, more than 3750. These growth figures indicate a development, which means exhibitors at home and abroad are deeply committed to the exhibition. As the largest professional fabric exhibition in the world, the exhibition of intertextile fabrics has witnessed the rapid development of China's textile and apparel industry in the past 20 years.

At present, the domestic major textile production enterprises with the textiles face the annual China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) as one of the most important enterprise management activity of the fair and important platform for product release. At the same time, overseas exhibition clothing manufacturers will also intertextile textiles face fabric is regarded as the most dynamic and promising textile exhibition, Germany, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries are in the form of a pavilion exhibitors every session of exhibition, with the aid of the exhibition platform to actively expand the global market. The exhibition is very large and the exhibition size is very large, which attracts clothing brands and trading companies from all over the world to visit the exhibition.

From aspects of the professional audience to visit the expo, "China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) expo" has become China's garment enterprises of sampling design and purchasing department order the preferred exposition, distributors, wholesalers and agents of all kinds of fabrics products also take this fair as order and understand the international fashion trend of the first places every year. 2006 expo attracted a total of 2006 countries and regions of 52295 trade visitors, including overseas viewers accounted for about 20% of the total number of audience, which fully embodies the "China international textile fabric &accessories (winter) exposition" growing international.

During each session of exhibition, in addition to the normal of the exhibition and negotiate, and a series of colorful technology exchange meeting, this includes the latest international fashion trend and related products company new product introduction and the expo organizing committee organization of industry, market and trade policy seminar.

More and more mature interTEXTILE will continue to strengthen China's trade with countries around the world in the field of textile, expand international exchanges and cooperation between industry, to promote the development of China's textile industry and market prosperity.

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