2020 / 2021 China's yarn fashion trend: the green ecological category of front-line penetration -- color spinning series

Color spinning series

Organic cotton plant dyeing spinning


Product specification: 100% organic cotton JC white / JC color 80 / 20; 50 pieces


Key words: green environmental protection, insect prevention and bacteriostasis, natural color


Highlight: by adopting close siro spinning, through innovative color spinning process management, improve the color fastness of plant dyeing, solve the problem that chemical dyeing is contrary to the original intention of green environment protection. Plant dye is extracted from Chinese herbal medicine, with the functions of insect prevention, sterilization, skin care and allergy prevention, which fully embodies the concept of ecological green environment protection.


Scope of application: infant clothing, underwear, home clothes, etc


Representative enterprise: Wuxi Yimian Textile Group Co., Ltd.; Brand: "Talak"


Production, teaching and research: Donghua University, Jiangnan University, Harbin Engineering University and other universities cooperate; under them, there are five research rooms, i.e. fiber new material application and new product research and development, textile science and technology information and new technology, textile intelligent manufacturing, textile green production, and China Egypt textile technology cooperation.


Certification, standard and patent: ISO9001 quality management certification, environmental protection certification, etc

source: www.texfiberchina.com