Air - Jet Spinning And Its Yarn Properties2

There is a problem

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1. High requirements for raw materials and semi-products;

2. Air-jet yarns have a hard and rough handle.

3. Further improving spinning speed is restricted;

4, air - jet yarn hairiness with direction is not easy to reverse;

5. High power consumption.

The principle of yarn

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Air jet spinning is the process of drawing out the silk of the roller, and twisting the yarn into yarn through the vortex field formed by two nozzles with opposite rotating directions of air flow.

The pressure and rotating energy of the second nozzle are greater than that of the first nozzle, and the rotating air produced by the first nozzle can only untwist the twist imposed by the second nozzle on the strip, making the strip in a weak twist state, and at the same time making the edge fibers of the front roller output the ribbon form a semi-free starting fiber, which is then reversely coated on the surface of the yarn.

After the yarn is passed through the second nozzle, the false twist and the reverse twist are quickly reversed. Under the action of the untwist torque, the externally coated initial fibers are more tightly wrapped around the yarn core, becoming the wrapped air-jet yarn with twist on the surface and basically parallel to the core fibers.