Anti-mosquito fabric

T/CTCA3-2017 "permethrin, anti-mosquito fabrics, clear permethrin can be used for textile products processing, has been clear about the content of permethrin for textile fabrics limitations and anti-mosquito effect of dual index to judge anti-mosquito textiles, anti-mosquito textiles need to meet the standards stipulated in the permethrin content restrictions and anti-mosquito ward off effect, can be sold legally in China anti-mosquito textiles containing permethrin.

T/CTCA 3-2017 permethrin anti-mosquito fabric

In GB 18401-2010 textile "national textile product basic safety technical specifications" for the guidelines, the world health organization for effective composition and content of home health pesticide products limited range and on the basis of the ministry of agriculture of the People's Republic of China 946 announcement content of permethrin in the fabric to use requirements (see table 1) and anti-mosquito products grade 2.3.4 (see table).