Application of metal fiber in textile products

I. antibacterial function application of metal fiber

In People's Daily life inevitably come into contact with all sorts of bacteria, as people living standard rise, for personal hygiene and personal civilization has a very high quality requirements, the antibacterial function of the metal fiber application in textile is in order to meet the requirements of people health function for textiles, eliminated by antibacterial, odor and smell of metal fibre textiles, makes antibacterial metal fibre products is a favorite of classes. The antibacterial function of metal fiber is mainly to adopt specific metal raw materials, such as silver, copper and alloy technology, to be processed by metal fiber technology, to be incorporated into the metal fiber in a certain percentage, so as to play the role of antibacterial, antibacterial and deodorant. But in the applications of metal fibre textile antibacterial function, there are also many shortcomings, such as: long-term wear metal fibre fabric containing heavy metals can produce certain effect to human body, cause heavy metal poisoning, such as: silver metal fibers, the antibacterial function of strong popular and popular, but the silver metal fibers, easy to appear in the air oxidation, reduce the fabric antibacterial ability. Of course, with the continuous development of metal fiber technology, these metal fiber antibacterial alternative materials or finishing methods and manufacturing processes will be further developed.

Ii. Radiation protection and shielding application of metal fiber

With the continuous progress of science and technology, a variety of electronic equipment, household appliances, mobile communications and other equipment to enrich people's life, to meet the needs of people's different life, but as long as these devices are used during the electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetic radiation on the human body is a long-term effect will appear. With the improvement of people's health, radiation protection, blocking, and other products became the focus of attention, metal fibre textiles by metal fibre content, yarn structure, fabric tightness, the thickness of different fabric structure and fabric will affect the shielding effect of metal fabric, then the metal fibre is how to realize the radiation protection and shielding effect? The induced current is generated mainly through the loop circuit formed by metal fiber in textiles, and the induced current generates a reverse electromagnetic field for shielding. In addition, different types of metal fiber produced by the radiation effect is different for a specific work situation needs to be more accurate calculation and metal selection. In daily life, the shielding of radiation is mainly made of stainless steel metal fiber blended products and some traditional textile materials coated with conductive metal ions. Along with the people to the health request is higher and higher, the radiation proof blended textile market expands gradually, has the very good market prospect.

Antistatic application of metal fiber

With the application of chemical fiber technology, the types of synthetic fibers are increasing day by day. The abrasion resistance and quick-dry type of synthetic fibers make synthetic materials widely used in textile and clothing. However, the properties of synthetic fibers in moisture conduction, anti-static and non-magnetic properties make synthetic materials encounter a lot of troubles in People's Daily use. Additional, synthetic fiber regards chemical fiber as its itself cause certain harm to human experience, serious can appear allergic phenomenon. At the same time, the static electricity generated by synthetic fiber in the process of textile production has brought some troubles to the production of mass textile and clothing. The metal conductivity of metal fiber can solve this problem very well, without causing the accumulation of static electricity, affecting the overall production efficiency, for example, in the textile such as silver coated metal fiber, can play a very good antibacterial and antistatic effect. More professional such as anti-static clothing, ultra-clean work clothes in the specific product production and production of metal fiber fabric can ensure the normal operation of production, from the impact of static electricity.

The pure metal fabric can be made into pillow type sealing bag, which is used for sealing high-temperature gas and dust in dry quenching tower of coking plant. Made into dust bag, used for high temperature flue gas dry cleaning bag or dust removal system; Still can make belt of heat work piece, adiabatic shade, heat-resisting cushion cushion to wait, can be used in the production such as car windscreen, TV screen, kitchen things. For some special alloy fiber, its pure fabric can resistance to high temperature of 1100 ℃.

In recent years, metal fiber, as a new material with great potential for development, has been widely used in various fields. Combined with the different needs of various industries, metal fiber has derived a variety of categories with various characteristics and functions. In the textile industry, metal complex dye is a patented product with great potential for development. Because metal fiber textiles have good functions of anti-static, anti-radiation, hygroscopicity, moisture conduction and antibacterial, etc., the application of metal fiber in textile materials makes the textiles more able to meet people's increasingly diverse needs, and has gradually been recognized by people. In addition, metal fiber and metal characteristic fiber have a high development space in many fields of industrial textiles, such as military industry and civil use, and the potential of commercialization of metal fiber in the future is immeasurable.