Bask in a dress to also pay attention to skill, different material is different bask in a method


Silk: dry in the shade

Silk is more delicate and expensive, its quality of a material is soft, the function that is able to bear the sun is poorer, should not be insolated directly below sunshine so, cause clothings to fade easily otherwise, soft and comfortable and measurable decrease. The best air that silk kind of clothings basks in a method is, in shady and cool ventilated place nature air dries.


Same reason, silk also cannot be insolated directly below sunshine, can reduce unkiness and comfortable degree otherwise, shorten service life


Cotton and linen: sunburn

Cotton and hemp kind of clothings can air directly below sunshine commonly bask in, because sunshine won't change their hardness nearly, also won't make them out of shape. So cotton and hemp kind of clothes is basking in bask in to do not have too big concern.

But if it is pure white or brightly colored cotton and linen clothes, it is best to reverse sunburn, so as to avoid yellowing or fading clothes


In addition, cotton and hemp kind of clothes is thinner and lighter, with common clothes rack air is basked in very easy appear hang mark, had better choose to use clip clip bask in, or the clothes rack that chooses both ends wider to have radian


Chemical fiber class: avoid exposure to the sun

Polyester, nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, spandex and other fabrics belong to the chemical fiber class, should not be in the sun insolation, otherwise strong ultraviolet light will let the fiber fiber aging fracture.


Such as acrylic clothes easy to yellowing after exposure to the sun; Polypropylene fiber, nylon, man-made fiber and other fabrics of clothing after exposure to the sun fiber silk is easy to age; Polyester, polyvinyl chloride fiber because of exposure to sunlight and photochemical cracking, shorten the service time of clothes.

So chemical fiber kind clothes had better be in shady and cool ventilated place air is dry.