Biobase fibre

Based on the renewable raw materials and innovative production technology, the biodegradable body-friendly, natural bacteriostatic and biodegradable fiber is created. Break the foreign blockade and realize the magnificent turning from corn to lactic acid and then to polylactic acid fiber. The development of cellulose fiber regenerated by fine denier and antigen-fibrillating new solvent method made Lessel's delicate impression.

The specific varieties

Polylactic acid fibre

Cellulose fiber regenerated by fine denier new solvent method

Cellulose fiber regenerated by cross - linked new solvent method

The preparation technology of

Corn, cassava, sweet potato, sweet sorghum and other crops are decomposed to extract starch and then converted into glucose by enzymes. Or the straw will be decomposed to extract cellulose and hemicellulose, and then through physical and chemical methods into glucose. Glucose is fermented to produce lactic acid, which is produced by concentrating lactide, then by ring-opening polymerization to produce polylactic acid, and then polylactic acid fiber is prepared by melt spinning process.

Fiber properties and product characteristics

Biological base material, green environmental protection

Bacteriostatic, anti - mite, anti - allergy

Skin-friendly, warm and breathable

Good biocompatibility, biodegradable