Biobased fiber series

Zinc-based Lyocell fibers

Features: green environmental protection, anti-bacterial and anti-mite, moisture absorption, easy to dye, anti-static, feel smooth, good gloss

Specification: 2.5dtex × 38mm

● application technology: compact spinning is used to reduce hairiness index; When printing and dyeing, the printing and dyeing process of g-100 fiber is adopted to prevent the cloth from becoming fibrillar


Alginate fibre

Features: strong flame retardant performance, moisture absorption, antibacterial, with a certain degree of radiation and far infrared

Specification: 1.5dtex × 38mm, 1.5dtex × 51mm

Application technology: spinning, weaving, dyeing and finishing processes to avoid contact with potassium and sodium ions and alkaline environment, the temperature should not exceed 80℃; Use neutral detergent (laundry detergent) as far as possible during the use of finished products


PLA/PHBV fibers

Features: biodegradable, antibacterial and mite repellent; The fabric is soft, smooth and cool with good drape, dyeing rate and color fastness

● specification: 1.50dtex × 38mm, 75~150dtex/48F, 150dtex/48F

● application technology: dyeing and finishing recommended parameters: disperse dye, dyeing bath PH value ≈5.0, bath ratio: 30:1, dyeing temperature: around 100℃, heat setting temperature: below 95℃


source: China fibers fashon trends