Can cotton work clothes prevent static electricity?

The results show that when the relative humidity is lower than 30%, the charge of pure cotton fabric is equal to that of polyester, and when the relative humidity is lower than 20%, the charge of cotton fabric is even higher than some chemical fiber fabrics. So in a dry climate, you can't expect to be able to eliminate static damage in any situation with cotton products.

Anti-static work clothes (gb12014-2009) are special clothes sewn with anti-static fabric to prevent the accumulation of static electricity in clothes. They are suitable for wearing in places sensitive to static electricity or dangerous places of fire or explosion. The anti-static fabric manufacturing process is mainly in the textile, roughly equal intervals or evenly mixed with all or part of the use of metal or organic conductive materials made of anti-static fiber or anti-static synthetic fiber, or both mixed and woven.

In order to avoid the damage of human body static electricity, the anti-static work clothes must be worn in the places which are sensitive to static electricity, fire or explosion dangerous places.