China textile information will promote fair competition and protection of intellectual property rights

China's WTO Research Institute, Vice Secretary-General Hu Tie about competition policy and law, China plays an important role in the globalization process, global competition and cooperation is the future commercial development trend of Chinese textile enterprises. In order to encourage competition and innovation, current United States representative overseas markets began to strengthen the manufacturing enterprise of stricter regulation of the use of IT products, China's exports of textile enterprises need to pay special attention to the new trends.

According to United States law, as long as companies in the production, transport or use of illegal sales of information technology, it will be considered as unfair competition, including competitors and the United States, part of the Attorney General of the State parties had the right to sue.

Hu Tie said textile export enterprises should accelerate the pace of internal information technology Edition, improve awareness of intellectual property rights and unfair competition, to ensure compliance with IT products, to eliminate business risk due to illegal use of information technologies. "Compliance information technology enterprises will gain in international trade competitive advantage and a good reputation, promoting their own country for global trade partners an attractive and persuasive, which national tallies for the textile industry to develop long-term sustainable development principles. "