Chinese fiber trends 2017/2018

Chinese fiber trends 2017/2018

Fluffy elastic PBT fiber

Recommended reason: is made by the indirect method is used to melt spinning process route, chlorine resistant performance is good, can be dyed at low temperature, its fabric has good elasticity and fluffy, feel is good, dyeing performance is good, used for elastic jeans, sweater fabric, Oxford shirt fabric, home textile, filler and acupuncture non-woven fabrics and other fields.

polybutylene terephthalate 5.jpg

Graphene (biomass) composite polyester fiber

Recommended reason: the use of macro control of the preparation of graphene and polymer blend spinning and biomass, antistatic fiber and its textiles, far infrared, uv protection, such as antibacterial multi-functional features. It is widely used in underwear, home textiles, medical care and other fields.


Graphene (natural) polyamide 6 fibers

Recommended reason: natural graphite as raw material through special process preparation of functionalized graphene, via in situ polymerization preparation of graphene modified nylon slices, then through melt spinning and, fiber close skin comfortable and intrinsic flame retardant, far infrared, antistatic, antibacterial and ultraviolet resistant, widely used in thermal clothing, protective clothing, anti cut glove, corrosion-resistant mesh cloth, filter cloth, the line, etc.

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