Classification and introduction of synthetic fibers-filament


In the manufacturing process of synthetic fiber, after spinning forming and post-processing of spinning fluid (melt or solution), the fiber with length in kilometers is called filament. Filament includes monofilament, multifilament and cord filament.

01 monofilament

It originally refers to a continuous single fiber spun by a single hole spinneret, but in practical application, it often includes a small hole fiber composed of 3-6 single fibers spun by a 3-6 hole spinneret. The thicker synthetic monofilament (0.08-2mm in diameter) is called mane filament, which is used to make ropes, brushes, daily net bags, fishing nets or industrial filter cloth; the thinner polyamide monofilament is used to make transparent women's socks or other high-grade knitwear.

02 multifilament

A filament consisting of dozens of single fibers. The multifilament of chemical fiber is generally composed of 8-100 single fibers. Most of the fabrics are made of multifilament, because the multifilament composed of several single fibers is more flexible than the monofilament with the same diameter.

03 cord wire

It is made up of more than one hundred to hundreds of single fibers and used to make tire cord fabric, commonly known as cord wire.