Contact allergy in textile fiber

The sources of allergens in our life are very extensive. In addition to the conventional allergens such as pollen and dust mites, various chemical allergens have been confirmed continuously. The allergic phenomenon is also related to the constitution of specific population. It has been reported that with the development of society and environmental pollution, the number of people with allergic constitution is increasing.

Allergens in textiles

Because the materials and production process of textile products can not completely eliminate the risk factors of allergy, so it is very important to use non allergic materials for textile products in daily life and close contact with human body.

Allergens in textiles are slowly released in the process of use in daily life, not as instant as food or medicine, but after a long time to appear.

The main reason of inducing allergic substances in textiles is the use of various dyes, oxidants, catalysts, flame retardants, whitening fluorescent agents, resin finishing agents and other chemical substances in the process of textile manufacturing and finishing. These harmful substances remain on the textiles, which pollute the textiles and are difficult to eliminate by subsequent means.

Therefore, when you buy fashionable clothes and cute toys, you need to consider whether the source of raw materials is reliable and whether there is a potential safety hazard of sensitization.

source: Hua Xian Tou Tiao