Difference between rayon and rayon

Viscose filament rayon, rayon is Rayon staple fibres of viscose rayon is based on natural wood, reeds, cotton linter cellulose as a raw material by chemical processing.
Viscose filament and staple fiber in two ways. Viscose filament rayon or viscose rayon and cotton type viscose staple fiber (also known as rayon), wool (synthetic hair) and the medium-length fiber. In addition, viscose fibers can also be made from light, semi-gloss and Matt are the three. Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fibers. It is based on natural cellulose as a raw material, alkali, ageing, blanching, ect Retinoic acid soluble cellulose ester, soluble in dilute lye made from viscose, made by wet spinning. Using different raw materials and spinning, you can get common viscose, high-wet-modulus viscose fiber and high tenacity rayons. General has general physical properties and chemical properties of viscose rayon, cotton, wool, and silk, also known as artificial cotton, wool and rayon. High wet modulus viscose fiber with high degree of polymerization, wet modulus and tensile strength. The linear density of fibers unit in a wet load per 22.0cN, and where the wet elongation under load not more than 15%, there are strong fibers. High tenacity rayon fibers with high strength and fatigue resistance.