Earth's greatest cotton: island cotton

A, producing area

"Sea Island Cotton", as the name implies, is from the Island. The original Sea Island Cotton is said to be from "West Indian Sea Island Cotton".

The yellow circle is the approximate area of the west Indies, and the red circle is the area of island cotton.

Second, the production

Rare and precious, "island cotton" production accounted for 0.0004% of global cotton production. (four parts per million, if you use PPM, it's exactly four parts per million.)

Third, specialty

1, the fiber is very long: "island cotton" is the specialty of the fiber is very long.

Ultra-long long-staple cotton refers to the cotton whose fiber length is more than 35mm, while the fiber length of island cotton reaches more than 50mm.

2. High reflectivity: the reflectivity of island cotton to light is more than 50% higher than that of ordinary cotton, so it has a high gloss and a silky luster. This is its own luster, not mercerized.

3. High oil content: the oil content of island cotton reaches 0.65%, which is the highest among all cotton varieties. Therefore, even without softener, it can have a soft and smooth feel.

4. High natural distortion: island cotton has the highest natural distortion among all cotton varieties, which brings the advantages of high fiber strength and good resilience.

5. High fiber maturity: island cotton has high fiber maturity, low weight loss due to pretreatment on impurities in the cotton fiber, and has very good anti-pilling effect.

Small make up of combed cotton and general comb anti-pilling contrast, combed cotton without cellulase treatment has a good anti-pilling effect, and the general comb must be treated with cellulase or anti-pilling can barely meet the requirements of anti-pilling.

Island cotton with the above advantages, after making textiles, after multiple washing, its feel and appearance will remain. This is by auxiliaries finishing can not do. Of course, the island of cotton dye yield is higher than other cotton.