Electrostatic spinning polyacrylonitrile nanofibers

Fiber and product characteristics

The main specifications

Electrostatic spinning polyacrylonitrile nanofibers: diameter of 80-150nm

Electrostatic spinning polyacrylonitrile nanofiber membrane: gram weight is 3g/ m2


Standards and Certification

Respiratory Protective Equipment -- Self-priming Filter Respirator against Particulate Matter (GB2626-2006)

A Multi-nozzle Combined Jet Electrostatic Spinning Machine (ZL 201310101604.0)

Fiber properties and product characteristics

The thickness of the nanofibers is only one thousandth of a human hair. The thickness of the mask core layer made of the nanofibers is no more than 3 microns, and the filtration accuracy is less than 0.1 microns. The nanofibers can efficiently intercept droplets, PM2.5, bacteria and viruses, and have a non-oily filtration efficiency of ≥96%. Good air permeability and smooth breathing (inhalation resistance is one third of that of conventional N95 respirator).

Stable performance, reusable: Nanofiber membrane only rely on physical interception, can filter bacteria and viruses almost 100%; After treatment with alcohol, the filtration efficiency for non-oiliness was 89%~93%. After being treated with boiling water, the filtration efficiency of non-oil is 90%~93%, the protective performance is maintained good, and can be recycled for at least 3 times, which is economical.

Application technology

Application: The electrostatic spinning nanometer polyacrylonitrile fiber membrane can be cut according to the required proportion, after cutting, it can be used for specific purposes, such as mask production, water filtration materials.

Fiber application



What are the characteristics of the mask filter core prepared by electrostatic spinning polyacrylonitrile nanofiber membrane?


Based on electrostatic spinning technology, a flow-assisted quantitative production equipment for electrostatic spinning has been developed with independent intellectual property rights. Polyacrylonitrile nanofibers produced by this equipment can reduce the fiber diameter by 2-3 times compared with traditional electrostatic spinning technology, and the filtration efficiency is higher. After that, polyacrylonitrile nanofiber membrane was compounded with traditional melt-sprayed non-woven cloth to construct a high-efficiency and low-resistance mask filter core with gradient structure, which can reduce respiratory resistance and ensure comfort while ensuring filtration accuracy and efficiency. The filter element is completely dependent on physical adsorption and interception, and does not pass through the stationary pole. Therefore, its protective effect is less affected by alcohol spraying, water and humidity. It can be reused for about three times, which is economical.

source: China Fibres Fashion Trends