Fashion trend in spring and summer

Elegant leather

Soft leather with fine texture and soft hand feel weakens the wild and unruly nature of leather visually. A perfect balance between straightness and softness. Combined with a variety of elegant silhouettes, we can express the feminine cognition that we don't reveal at will.

Unisex suit

The suit suit makes the thin female image more abundant and powerful, especially the suit coat with shoulder and long length, and the long pants with super length and floor, loose, straight and smooth, the popularity value soars.

Baggy trousers

Loose wide legged pants have been popular for a long time, but this year's popular wide legged pants have widened the version and length on the basis of the original, giving a general feeling of looseness and collapse. This kind of visual effect brings with the uninhibited style, less the sense of dress restraint, and more shows the natural state of the wearer.

Wide sleeves

The comprehensive return of luxury and retro style awakens our inner pursuit of delicacy, magnificence and power. Full of voluminous sleeve design, can make a plain match look full of style. Only one such heavyweight piece is needed, and the matching on the body can be simplified.

Rope details

Focus on the details, we will find that the details of this year's popular trends are decorated with rope. With suit coat and wide pleated skirt, the knot shows the characteristics of leisure and outdoor. It can be imagined that the office workers who are used to commuting clothes will be cool and unrestrained in the ornament of drawstring or belt.

Wave point element

The enduring wave point element has been playing a role of retro pop. This spring and summer, it will return to the beginning of fashion with a retro look. When spring is warm and flowers are blooming, wave point elements will usher in the peak of fashion.

Passionate flowers and plants

Unlike last year's Vintage printing, this year's popular is the publicity and enthusiasm of flower and plant printing. In addition, there are exquisite heavy industry embroidery, plant patterns created by weaving technology, abstract painting style printing, photo printing, etc.

Sustainable fashion

Everything we take from nature will pay a price, and we have more and more people realize that. So the current fashion topic, the most popular has always been "sustainable development" fashion.