Fiber knowledge in underwear (with little tips for cleaning)

Common fabric inside the underwears

1.The cotton

It is believed that the superior and benign nature of cotton fabric is well known to all. Apart from moisture absorption, perspiration and high comfort, cotton fabric is safe and healthy in contact with skin. Cotton is commonly used on the inside of bra cups. One of the deficiencies is its poor wetting, winter sports do not fit to wear cotton underwear.


2. Ultra-fine fabrics

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the term, in fact it is a fine structure of the fabric collectively. These fabrics are delicate, smooth, elastic and have good anti-wrinkle and anti-wear properties.


3. The modal

In recent years, a very popular underwear fabric, than cotton is soft and delicate, moisture absorption is stronger. Elastic, often used in the production of underwear. The merdale underwear is comfortable to wear and is very popular with consumers.