Five smart textiles will be in fashion in 2019-

1. Intelligent temperature-regulating textile

Phase change material is a kind of material that can absorb or release potential heat from the environment by its own reversible phase change within a certain temperature range. By using the property of phase-change materials, the temperature regulating textiles with intelligent temperature control and health care properties can be developed.

This kind of intelligent textile can adjust the internal temperature of the textile freely within a certain temperature range according to the change of the external environment temperature. That is, when the temperature of the external environment rises, the phase change material absorbs heat, melts and stores heat. When the outside temperature drops. Phase-change materials exothermic condensation, release heat, so that the textile internal temperature remains relatively stable. This characteristic makes it have wide application value.


2. Shape memory textile

Shape memory textile is a kind of material with shape memory function introduced into textile by weaving or finishing. In the temperature, mechanical force, light, pH and other external conditions, with shape memory, high deformation recovery, good earthquake resistance and adaptability and other excellent properties of textiles.

Corpo Nove of Italy, for example, has designed a "slouchy shirt" that incorporates nickel, titanium and nylon fibres into its fabric to give it "shape memory". When the outside temperature is high, the sleeves of the shirt will automatically roll from the wrist to the elbow in a few seconds; When the temperature drops, the sleeves automatically recover. Shape memory fabrics can be successfully developed for a variety of protective clothing and accessories. With the deepening of the research on shape memory materials and the further improvement of textile processing technology, shape memory functional textiles will get greater development.


3, waterproof and moisture permeable textiles

Waterproof and moisture permeable fabric is also called waterproof and breathable fabric, which is also called "breathable fabric" in foreign countries. It is a functional fabric with waterproof, moisture permeability, wind resistance and thermal insulation. This kind of fabric can not only meet the needs of people in severe environments such as cold, rain, snow, wind and so on. It is also suitable for People's Daily life of raincoats and other requirements, with broad prospects for development.

Waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics can be obtained in the following ways: weave water-responsive polymers into fabrics in the form of fibers; The waterproof and moisture permeable polymers, such as neoprene, PVC and polyurethane, are arranged on the fabric surface by means of coating. All kinds of waterproof and moisture permeable ultra-high density fabrics made of ultrafine fibers. In addition, studies on the preparation of waterproof and moisture permeable fabrics by magnetron sputtering and the adoption of nano technology to increase the water resistance of fabrics are also under way.


4. Color-changing textiles

Discoloration textile is to show the textile of different colour and lustre with the change of external environment condition (be like light, temperature, pressure). With its unique properties, color-changing textiles are widely used in various fields. For civil use, it can be used to make fashionable color-changing clothes and decorative fabrics with various changes. It can be used for military camouflage. In the field of anti-counterfeiting, it can be used as anti-counterfeiting material.

Color-changing textiles can be obtained by the following three methods: adding color-changing fibers to the fabric; Dyeing with color-changing dyes; Use color-changing paint for printing. Among the three methods, the research and development of color-changing fiber technology is a little later, but its advantages are the most prominent. The fabric made of it has good hand feel, good washing resistance and durable color changing effect.


5. Electronic information intelligent textile

Electronic information intelligent textile is an important part of intelligent textile. Initially, it mainly installed some electronic components into textiles, such as "wearable computers", which are mainly used in medical, military and aviation and other important detection fields. Along with the electronic information technology and the intelligent textile domain cross - discipline unceasing development. The electronic information intelligent textile develops rapidly, expands from the original military and aviation field to the life field, brings more convenience to people's life.