Green environmental protection intelligent materials

Beijing put forward the concept of "Green Olympics, science and technology Olympics, and people's Olympics" when it held the 2008 Beijing winter games. At the beginning of bidding for 2022 Olympic Games, Beijing put forward the three concepts of "taking athletes as the center, sustainable development, and frugality". After the successful bidding, it pointed out that "adhering to the Green Olympics, sharing the Olympics, opening the Olympics, and running the Olympics incorruptedly, to ensure that Beijing The Winter Olympics will be a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic event. The concept of green environmental protection will be an important aspect of the Winter Olympics. Primaloft ® is a patented brand of synthetic microfiber insulation developed for the U.S. Army in the 1980s.

At present, Primaloft ® company is launching the first new fiber, Primaloft biotm, which is made of recycled materials and can be naturally degraded. Without affecting its performance, this new type of fiber can be biodegraded at a very fast speed. Because of the fiber modification, when it is exposed to a suitable environment, such as landfill or ocean, the naturally generated microorganisms in these environments will eat up the fiber at an increased rate, making the insulation layer return to nature, and the biodegradation process leaves behind water, methane, dioxin Carbon dioxide and biomass. At present, this kind of biological fiber is still undergoing marine environmental test. Primaloft biotm fiber is expected to reach consumers by 2020.