Heat storage thermal home appliances 1

Regenerative thermal polyacrylonitrile fiber

1. Preparation technology

During spinning, nano thermal storage capsule is injected into the spinning stock, and then the thermal storage acrylic fiber with independent heat absorption, heat storage and heat feedback is prepared by wet spinning process, and then the fiber is endowed with color, flame retardant, conductive, antibacterial, far-infrared, anti-pilling and other functions by cross connecting branch

2. Fiber properties and product characteristics

1. Hygroscopic heating: the temperature can be automatically raised to 5.5°C at 20°C when the humidity rises from 20% to 90%;

2. Flame retardant: the flame retardant time is less than 2S, and there is no droplet phenomenon;

3, far infrared, permanent anti-static, anti-pilling;

4. Antibacterial and self-cleaning;

5, can manually adjust the crosslinking process to produce more than 6 colors, no need for chemical or plant dyeing, good color fastness.