High performance flame retardant fiber -- melamine fiber

Melamine fiber is the highlight of the new application of melamine in recent years. Melamine fiber, also known as melamine formaldehyde fiber and melamine fiber, is a kind of high-performance flame-retardant fiber with three-dimensional reticulated cross-linked structure made by special spinning process with melamine formaldehyde (MF) resin as raw material. Melamine fiber has no melting point, no melting drop, high flame resistance, high thermal stability, low thermal conductivity of the fiber.

Application field

Melamine fiber has a variety of excellent properties, so that it is used in aerospace, national defense and military and other high-tech fields, but also used in daily fields.

At present, melamine fiber is commonly used for oil drilling platform work clothes, high temperature furnace work clothes, welder apron and gloves, fire clothing, aircraft chair cover, heat filter and clutch lining and other high temperature protective clothing and fire resistant products, mainly used in daily textiles and high-grade mattresses