High simulation andhigh performance fiber

Different color bamboo joint high simulation different shrinkage

Composite polyester fibre

● characteristics: different raw material components in the fiber have different coloring properties on the pigment, which can realize the same dyeing to present two different colors, and observe the whitening effect of changing luster, flower ash or bamboo shape from different angles

● specification: 88~225dtex/30~74F

● application technology: the weaving link should control the tension to reduce the fluctuation; The dyeing and finishing process can flexibly adopt two steps, one bath and one bath according to the situation, and the effect of highlighting bamboo or hollow bamboo can be realized with different degree of alkali reduction

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● application: high and medium fashion, knitted underwear, woven shirts, casual wear fabrics, household decorative fabrics

● brand: silke

● declaration enterprise: xuzhou silke fiber technology co., LTD

source: www.texfiberchins.com