high strength polyamide 66 fibre

Fiber properties and product features:

· it is skin-friendly, soft, flame-retardant, bacteriostatic, uv resistant and other features, realizing multi-functional composite of polyamide 66;

· the fabric is brightly dyed.

Application technology

Dyeing: heat setting before dyeing;

Dyes: 1.0-2.0% as a percentage of fabric weight;

Weaving: 24 hours before weaving;

Post-finishing procedure: temperature 180℃, time 40 seconds.


Fiber application

Civil field: corset, wedding dress, sports underwear, casual clothing, quick-drying clothes, emergency clothing, down jacket, outdoor tent, mountaineering bag, etc.

Industry: used in automobile, construction, etc.

Military industry: military textiles, military carrying tools (for backpacking and weapons), military construction textiles (all kinds of tents), etc.