How can we buy clothes without pilling

We often encounter this situation in our life, a favorite T-shirt and sweater, when we bought it, it was very nice, but we wore it a few times and we started pilling.


What do you want me to wear when I go out to meet people?

first let's analyze the causes of pilling of the fabric

Fabric pilling refers to the fabric in the process of taking, constantly effect by different kinds of external force, make the hairs on the surface of the fabric or monofilament gradually pulled out and form a hairy, when the height and density of hairy reaches to a certain extent, the continued effect of friction force make hairy entangled into a ball and a raised accumulation on the surface of the fabric, phenomenon. Fabric starting ball will affect the appearance of the fabric and reduce its performance.


It is not easy to fluff the fabric with a large fiber or twist with large friction coefficient. When the hairy antler reaches a certain length, the ball will become entangled with each other, so the length of the hair will have a great effect on the ball.

All kinds of fibers, yarns and fabrics produce ball phenomena. In theory, the best conditions for selecting the various influencing factors can reduce the ball, but in most cases, these affect the other properties of the fabric.

Do you see a sharp pilling in a charge suit?

But the charge clothes can't be worn as underwear.

Conclusion: cotton, hemp, viscose fabric is not easy to get the ball, nylon, polyester, acrylic easy to play ball.

Long fiber, low ball.

In addition, thick hard fiber not easy to get the ball

Yarns have large twist, tight structure and not easy to fluff.

The fabric structure is close and smooth, not easy to play ball.

Some post-finishing techniques can be effective against pills.

Hair and hair treatment; Brush handling; Polyester fabric + heat shaping/resin finishing; Wool-polyester fabrics tend to surface and slow down the ball.

There is no such thing as a ball, as there is no absolutely right answer.