How does the prevent electrostatic sex of wool knitting clothing detect?

Antistatic wool knitted clothing is a kind of protective clothing which is blended, interwoven or sewn with conductive yarn which can prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charge and chemical fiber yarn such as wool, cotton yarn and acrylic fiber. Antistatic wool knitted clothing is one of the electrostatic protection products, and occupies a relatively important position, so in the production of antistatic wool knitted clothing should be strictly implemented national standards, to ensure the quality of clothing, and thus ensure the safety of users.

Before carrying out electric charge test on anti-static wool knitted clothes, washing should be done in accordance with the prescribed method. The washing time is 6.5h, the same as the washing method in gb12014-2009 "anti-static clothes" standard. Neutral washing liquid should be used for continuous low-grade washing and the water temperature is normal temperature. The washing conditions and procedures are shown in table 1 and table 2.

After washing, the electric charge amount of wool knitted clothes is tested, and the result is no more than 0.60 micron/piece. Test method using the national standard GB 12014-2009 "anti-static clothing" regulation of clothing charged charge test methods for electric charge test, test environment temperature is 20 + / - 5 ℃, relative humidity (30 + 5) %, will be in wool knitting clothing in the roller friction machine, the friction test after 15 minutes, within the cylinder roller friction machine (65 + 5) cm, diameter roller depth of (45 + / - 5) cm, tube material (that is, the friction of cloth) for polypropylene fine within standard cloth.