How to distinguish active printing and dyeing and coating printing

In the process of dyeing and printing, the active genes of the dye combine with the fiber molecules to form a whole. The fabric has excellent dustproof performance, high cleanliness and high color fastness. Of course, the cost is higher than pigment printing and dyeing, in the process of printing and dyeing without adding azo and formaldehyde, do not contain harmful substances to human body, and do not fade or shrink when washing.

The difference between reactive printing and dyeing and coating printing and dyeing lies in the soft feel of reactive printing and dyeing. The common saying is that the fabric of reactive printing and dyeing looks like mercerized cotton. And the fabric that coating printing and dyeing feels stiff, look a bit like ink painting effect.

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Characteristics of pigment printing and dyeing

The process is simple and the cost is low. Poor color fastness, wash the old once; Environmental performance is poor, formaldehyde content is higher than the active printing and dyeing; Printing parts are sticky, without adding softener, it appears to be harder. If the softener is added, the formaldehyde content is higher.

Characteristics of reactive printing and dyeing

Good air permeability, excellent fastness, soft hand, but there are also printing technology cumbersome, long process and processing difficulties. General active printing and dyeing can ensure that environmental protection is harmless to people, color and fabric feel better, there will not be a hard a soft feeling.

How to distinguish between reactive printing and coating printing?

For general color

Pigment printing color is not bright, color is dim, give a person a color is floating on the cloth feel. It's like painting a wall.

For the gloss

The coating printing cloth goes through the "calendering" process before it leaves the factory, so you can see that the cloth has an oily feeling, which may be the coating printing. The finish obtained by the calendering is disposable, and will disappear after washing.

I smell

Pigment printing with a lot of adhesive, no water treatment directly shaped, so the finished fabric will have a strong flavor.

Excellent touch touch

Pigment printing feel hard, fabric manufacturers in order to cover this shortcoming, in the shape of the added softener, and the finished product after "calendered" feel will be softer, after washing most will fall off.

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