Impact of DTY performance on weaving

Effects of DTY dyeing properties on weaving

For dyed fabrics, DTY dyeing performance is very important. The common dyeing problems include batch color difference and single ingot color difference.


Factors and solutions of uneven batch dyeing

(1) pre-oriented silk (POY) raw materials

POY raw material problem is the most common cause of poor uniformity of DTY staining. Due to the stability of polyester, side blowing condition of POY and temperature uniformity, POY dry uniformity and dynamic thermal stress uniformity between spindle positions are poor, which will lead to more broken ends in DTY and T, resulting in streaks and chromatic aberration during dyeing, which is often manifested as more minor chromatic aberration and uneven garter coloring.

(2) DTY processing technology

Too high force working speed will cause the silk strip to jump on the deformation hot box and cooling plate, resulting in inconsistent heating, making the false twist process unstable, resulting in batch rigid silk and bamboo joints in DTY. In addition, for some special varieties, such as high shrinkage, high elongation DTY, need to reduce the processing speed, otherwise there will be bulk rigid silk, bamboo.