in summer how to wear fit clothing when working

How to wear a suit in summer?

The most important thing to wear a suit in summer is to be breathable and comfortable. It has a lot to do with the craft of the suit itself and the fabric.


How to choose a summer suit


Suits have the difference between hard and soft structure.

British: The English gentleman in a wet and rainy climate prefers thick shoulder pads and full lining.

Italian style: when the suit spread to the hot Italy, the coquettish Italian men localized it. To adapt to the weather, use thin or no shoulder pads. Lining is the same, mostly for half lining and no lining. (This is not absolute. There are many other genres under the two styles.)

Summer suits, of course, take a page from the Neapolitan man's book. Why do you say that?

Naples, first of all, the people like to wear a suit, and wear very SAO, printing, brilliant color, what colours are their beloved, second, is the weather, the port is a subtropical Mediterranean climate, annual average temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, the highest so in response to heat and to meet the "SAO" heart, Naples, people invented numerous shoulder pads suit, the shoulder pads also called napoli's shoulder.

Lining is a layer of material between the lining material and the suit fabric, which makes the suit look more crisp and weighty. But in the summer had better with half lining, or no lining suit is appropriate, "vacuum" play, will be more comfortable than the suit that added lining.

The fabric


But very few people want to wear it, because if you wear it, the slightest movement will show wrinkles.

Hemp is also divided into several kinds, flax is the most common, wear is also relatively comfortable, han hemp, ramie rare, also some hard thick, do the coat is good, close to the body is not too. The most famous hemp is Irish flax, which is thicker and harder, making it wider to wear. Italian and French flax is also very good, relatively more Mediterranean, light and soft comfortable.

If you are a Virgo, you can choose to blend linen with cotton, wool, or even silk or polyester. They can be kept flat to a certain extent, not prone to wrinkles, but also have good breathable performance, and more durable than the original pure hemp suit.

PS: And armpit easy to sweat men, must not do without sweat, or flax permeability, will always let you in an awkward position.

The fabric


And then there's another material that's no less comfortable than linen: the Seersuker.

Seersucker is made of cotton fabric with uneven, bubbly folds on the surface.

Its quality of a material is lightsome not close fitting, have outstanding breathe freely heat performance, so often be used by the brand to make suit of spring and summer, appear more for the stripe of blue white green or fine plaid design style, this is to balance the surface probably not regular "bubble", achieve beautification effect.

The fabric


Summer can also wear wool! Generally speaking, it is either worsted with a low gram weight (220g-190g), which is clear and smooth, or twisted fabric with multiple strands of yarn, which has a lot of air permeability. However, there is a problem with twisted fabric, which can only be worn as a jacket because it is rather sour and cool to make pants.

Tropical wool (Tropical wool) : It says that there is a type of weaving in worsted wool called matting, which is one of the matting fabrics.

Based on the special textile technology "Fresco" (also someone says this kind of fabric directly Fresco "), made of wool fiber gap get bigger, increased the gas permeability, this is one of the most cool in the pure wool fabric, if you want to wear the whole suit in the summer, and maintain a decent, this is the best choice, and it is almost impossible to fold, disadvantages because of the sparse structure of textile, something is easy to be broken, caution is necessary.


How to choose summer dress pants

Nine-point trousers are the best choice

Not only will showing your ankles make you look taller, but a straight line will flatter your leg shape. In addition to changing the basic length of trousers, the internal structure of trousers will also affect air permeability.


How to choose summer dress pants

The fewer pockets the cooler

The internal structure of a standard custom dress pant consists of a waist, pocket, pocket, and lining. This pile of fabric is stacked inside the dress pant, which undoubtedly makes the dress pants hotter to wear!

Suits are slimmed down with linings and linings for a fresh, breathable look, as are dress pants. Custom pants, you can ask to minimize the number of pockets, not practical pockets into fake pockets. Choose lighter and more breathable pure cotton pocket cloth.


How to choose summer dress pants

It's cooler not to wear a belt

Anyone who has worn a belt in the summer knows that it sweats a lot. If you add anti-slip tape, it will be more airtight, because anti-slip tape is usually made of rubber. So, the pants of summer had better not add prevent slip belt.


How to choose summer dress pants

Suspenders or pants that adjust loops

One pair of underpants could ruin the whole suit. Underwear (don't laugh, it's serious). If you don't do this well, the rest will be wasted.

Opt for a light-colored, all-linen suit, and keep your underpants light and not too deep. Otherwise indistinctly let a person see your inside, don't mention more defeat image. Dark general hemp suits or cotton and linen blends are not a problem.