Knowledge of Polyester High Stretch Yarn

Product introduction

Dacron high elastic wire is a kind of fabric woven with textured fiber. The filament of chemical fiber is formed by heating deformation, and the elasticity is high. It is called high elastic wire, and it is made of high elastic fabric. Such as nylon or polypropylene stretch shirt pants, stretch socks, elastic bathing suits, etc.

The product has good elasticity, good hand feeling, stable quality, easy to decolor, strong tension, uniform dyeing, bright color and complete specifications. The product can be pure woven, can also be woven with silk, cotton, viscose and other fibers, can be made into elastic fabric and all kinds of wrinkling fabric, made of fabric unique style.

The main purpose

1. It is mainly used for knitting, stocking, clothing, cloth, rib, fabric, textile, woolen fabric, sewing thread, embroidery, rib, ribbon medical bandage, etc.

2. It is widely used in woolen sweater, ribbon, garment lock border line, gloves, manufacturing line, etc.

3. Suitable for wide use of all kinds of woolen products, knitted fabrics and knitted garments;

4. It is suitable for sewing of high-grade knitted underwear, swimsuit, diving suit sewing, trademark, underwear, bra, sports shoes, sportswear, etc.

Application field

1. Knitting products: elastic jeans, swimwear, skiing clothes, sweaters, sports wear, sports wear, golf pants, women's underwear, tights, weight loss elastic waistband, etc.;

2. Hosiery products: there are stockings, pantyhose and so on;

3. Machine weaving products: thin, medium, thick elastic denim, seersucker, denim, etc.

4. Health products: there are band-aids, joint pain-relieving plaster, bandages, non-woven fabrics, protective materials, etc.;

5. Home products: towels, gloves, packing belts, elastic bands, bedding materials, cushions, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc.;

6. Silk products: imitation silk, wrinkling silk, elastic silk, etc.;

7. Other products have flexible rodent and so on.

the differences between polyester low stretch yarn 

Generally speaking, the difference between the low and high elastic wires is that the second heat box of the machine is low, which is the high elastic wire, and the elastic force is better than the low one.