Market structure can be pretty fancy yarn turns

It is understood that is completely different from ordinary yarn, fancy yarn the end products are mostly creative fashion fabrics and clothing, 80%~90% of products for export in China, due to differences in consumption habits and other factors, the textiles have been sold in the domestic market is not open, product development and production enterprises can only be around the "foreigner" then.

Seen in the data from the China textile import and export Chamber of Commerce 2011 textile cotton export volume fell. January-July either textiles or clothing, although there is a substantial increase in exports, but exports fell in volume. Among them, cotton yarn export volume down 23.9%, the amount rose 13%; cotton exports declined 2.1%, increased by 35.6%; cotton knitted garment exports decreased 0.9%, exports increased to 25.5%, cotton woven garment exports declined 0.6%, exports grew by 23.3%. Export growth mainly due to the export prices increase, however, this "growth", the vast majority of export-oriented enterprises are pessimistic and worries. Given the current exports amount growth mainly due to higher export prices, export prices rose less than the cost of rising corporate profits decreased rather than increased. Even so, as the world economy slowed, Europe and America the downward trend will not change in the short term, such growth would be unsustainable, the second half of 2011, exports showed a trend of decline.