matching and process of mellange yarn

The color matching

Color theory

Color properties, classification, and temperature

Roving determines the external shape of fancy yarns. The color selection of roving comes from the raw material of the front, which material depends on the use of the fabric of the back, which should take into account the color selection of raw materials. Color is the impression produced by the light waves emitted, reflected or transmitted by an object through our vision. It has three characteristics: hue, lightness and saturation.

(1) Saturation: the brightness of the color, also known as the color purity or chrominance.

(2) Brightness: The higher the brightness of the color, the more close to white, the darker the more close to black.

(3) Color: red, red, purple and green, with a sense of magnificence in turn. Yellow green, yellow, orange, blue purple, have rustic feeling in turn. The brighter the saturation, the more gorgeous, and the grayer, the more rustic. The higher the brightness, the more gorgeous, and the lower the more rustic.

A color ring is formed by connecting the end and end of the long color sequence in the color spectrum. According to the position of colors on the color ring, complementary colors, contrasting colors, medium colors, similar colors and similar colors can be found, as shown in Figure 1.

Color temperature


(1) Complementary colors are two colors corresponding to 180 degrees on the color ring. For example: yellow and purple, red and green, blue and orange are complementary colors. (2) Close color refers to the color that is close to 30 degrees apart on the color ring, such as: yellow, yellow-green, from the main color to secondary color, they are all of the same kind of color, it can play tonal harmony and unity and change the effect.

Colors have a sense of warmth or coldness, which is called the temperature of color, as shown in Figure 2. (1) Warm colors: red and purple, red, orange, yellow, yellow. (2) Cool colors: blue-green, blue-green, blue-blue, blue-violet. (3) Neutral colors: purple, green, black, white and gray.

source: 123yarn