Melt-blown electret polypropylene micronano fiber

Characteristics of fiber and products

The main specifications

Micron fiber: 2 ~ 10μm in diameter

Nanoscale fibers: 150 ~ 1000nm in diameter

Melt blown nonwovens: weight 10-100g/ m2, about 40% of the fiber net diameter is less than 1000nm, the minimum diameter up to 150nm, and about 20% of the fiber diameter is greater than 6μm.

Standards and Certification

Standard Specification for Material Properties of Medical Mask (ASTM F2100-2019)

Technical specification for daily protective masks (GB/T32610-2016)

Medical Surgical Mask (YY0469-2011)

Fiber properties and product characteristics

The micron grade crude fiber plays a "skeleton" supporting role and improves the pore structure of the fiber network. Nanoscale fine fiber plays a "small scale" effect and gives it special surface characteristics. Combined with electral function master batch addition and corona discharge technology, the product can meet the application requirements of daily protective masks, medical surgical masks, KN95, KN99 and HEPA filter cloth.

Application technology

Application: No need for dyeing and finishing, can be cut according to the type of mask, through the automatic mask machine and spunbonded nonwovens for composite production. It can also be compounded with spunbonded nonwovens to make filter materials for high efficiency filters. SMS is produced by hot bonding with two-layer spunbonded nonwovens, disposable protective clothing is made, and then combined with breathable film (PE, PU and PTFE) to make medical isolation clothing.

Fiber application


What are the characteristics and advantages of melt-blown electret polypropylene micro-nano fiber nonwovens?


The multi-stage structure of micro/nano fiber was constructed by one-step method. By combining the advantages of two scales, the mechanical properties of the fiber network were significantly improved and the excellent comprehensive performance was shown while the high precision filtration effect was guaranteed. This technology solves the problem of "batch preparation of nanofibers" while maintaining the production efficiency of melt-blown process, which is conducive to the large-scale application and popularization of nanofibers.

Source: China Fibres Fashion Trends