moisture absorption and sweat removal function of fabric


The hygroscopic and perspiration performance of fiber depends on its chemical composition and physical structure. The gaseous water evaporating from the skin surface is first absorbed by the fibrous material (i.e. hygroscopic) and then released through the material surface; The liquid water on the skin surface is adsorbed, diffused and evaporated on the surface of the material by the capillary effect produced by the pores inside the fiber (capillary, micropore, groove) and the interstice between the fibers.


Fiber moisture conductivity can be divided into two types: infiltration and core-suction. The former refers to liquid water conducting along the surface of single fiber or fiber assembly in the form of infiltration, while the latter refers to capillary core-suction of liquid in the fiber collection body or single fiber pores.

Wherein, infiltration is the basis and premise of core suction. Fiber infiltration can be characterized by measuring contact Angle, infiltration force, spreading speed and other indexes, and fiber core suction can be characterized by core suction height and core suction speed.

The result of two actions is the migration of water, the first action is mainly related to the chemical composition of the fiber macromolecules, and the second action is related to the physical structure and morphology of the fiber.

The hygroscopic and sweat draining fiber generally has a high specific surface area, with numerous exciting holes or grooves on the surface, and its cross section is generally of special different shape. By using capillary effect, the fiber can quickly absorb moisture and sweat on the skin surface, and transmit it to the outer band through diffusion.

Development of hygroscopic and hygroscopic fibers

In China, the first product introduced the concept of moisture absorption and perspiration elimination or moisture absorption and quick-drying is a functional textile product developed based on the characteristics of natural fibers.


To improve due to the characteristics of cotton fiber is easy to moisture absorption but not easy to dry and discomfort, people began to consider whether can through changes in the structure of yarn or fabric, even through the way of finishing to speed the moisture conduction and evaporation, so as to achieve the effect of moisture absorption drier, was the rage of polyester cotton products is a typical example.

Later, with the development of fiber technology, the product based on the differentiated synthetic fiber as the main raw material moisture absorption fast dry (commonly known as domestic hygroscopic fast dry) has begun to enter the market.

Chemical fiber moisture absorption perspiration fiber cross section was mainly used heteromorphosis (Y, cross, W and bones, etc.) to form fiber surface groove, using core guide wet absorption structure of the groove, quickly absorbed by skin moisture and sweat, and instantly eduction body outside, again by the fibre cloth table will spread and sweat evaporates quickly, so as to achieve the purpose of the moisture absorption perspiration, regulate body temperature, keep the skin dry and cool.


In the weaving process, through jacquard process design, reasonable arrangement of fabric thickness, jacquard and elastic area can meet the human body's demand for breathability, lifting and elasticity, at the same time, make the fabric itself have a certain function of moisture absorption and perspiration.


Fabric structure

Structure to develop single wizard wet double knitting fabric, the fabric adopt single plated yarn jacquard organization, rib change or interlock, lining the hydrophobic fibres such as polyester, polypropylene woven cellular or mesh point structure, outer adopts hydrophilic fibres such as cotton, wool, viscose, such as weaving high-density organization structure, increase the inside and outside layer differential capillary effect of fabric, can also realize single wizard wet function.

Single wizard wet

In addition, the moisture absorption perspiration fabric developed by the multilayer structure of fabric is generally lining for polypropylene, polyester filament, such as the middle layer of cotton yarn of moisture absorption layer, outer layer is composed of high strength, good permeability of fiber, can adopt double rib composite tissues, guide the sweat, can also realize knitted fabric, breathable, and soft feel.

source: China Fibres Fashion Trend