Nanometer polypropylene fiber & nanometer polyimide fiber


Main specifications of fiber


Nanometer polypropylene fiber: average diameter of 200 ~ 800nm, diameter variance of 0.19;

Nanometer polypropylene fiber cloth: width 1.6m, grams: 5~120g/m.

(A) multiple jets in the preparation process; (B) fibrous film formation; (C) electron microscopy


The preparation technology of

Nanometer polypropylene fibers were prepared by melt differential electrostatic spinning.


Fiber properties and product characteristics

(1) fiber characteristics

· higher specific surface area, stronger adsorption and filtration performance;

· smooth fiber surface, no holes and other defects, with strong mechanical properties;

· non-toxic solvent residues, more suitable for use in the field of biomedical and tissue engineering, and more environmentally friendly during processing and use.

(2) product characteristics

· super filtration: the filter membrane has high porosity, the filter holes are nanoscale, and the filtration efficiency of PM0.1 particles is > 95%;

· super air permeability: the mask has more nanometer micropores, stronger air permeability, lower resistance and smooth breathing;

· strong safety: the core filter membrane of the mask is made of long fibers, avoiding the danger of fiber exudation into the user's lungs;

· reusable: the mask can be repeatedly washed, with the same filtration efficiency and longer application time after washing

source: China fibres fashion trend