New ecological catalytic polyester fiber.

New catalytic polyester fiber (titanium polyester fiber) is on the basis of mass polymerization process and device, using new ecological catalyst, esterification into oligomer under 250 ℃, then under 280 ℃ condensed into a high degree of polymerization of polyester, get new ecological catalytic after spinning polyester fiber.


New characteristics: (1) ecological catalytic polyester fiber fiber itself does not contain heavy metals (2) in the process of printing and dyeing finishing avoid to precipitate heavy metals pollution from nature, green environmental protection, safety, which can realize the life cycle of green textiles loop (3) polymerization of high efficiency and good fiber quality.



New catalytic polyester fiber application: pregnant women clothing, infant supplies, women's health supplies, adult incontinence products, shirt, denim fabrics, facial mask and high-end fabrics have strict limits on heavy metals.

In the developed countries represented by the European Union, more and more developed countries will be able to meet the green textile standards as the conditions to enter the market, and the products with ecological labels will be more popular. New catalytic polyester fiber in the downstream manufacturing and close-fitting dress no precipitation of heavy metals in the process, will not cause a harm to the environment and human body, in line with the trend of ecological, conform to the market and consumer demand.

The application of new ecological catalytic polyester fiber is a good example for the healthy and sustainable development of textile fiber industry. It is a social responsibility to use the new type of ecological catalytic polyester fiber. Can be predicted that if the downstream weaving industry can have 1/4 ~ 1/3 of the enterprise to use the new ecological catalytic polyester fiber, shutdown phenomena will reduce weaving industry is expected to meet, this contributes to the sustainable production and management of the enterprise.