new kind of special yarn

Institute of chemical engineering and biological engineering, zhejiang university professor BaiHao team to imitate the polar bear hair structure, developed an orderly porous adiabatic fabric, can make the organism is realized in infrared imaging equipment heat "stealth". The results were published in advanced materials magazine.


Polar bear hair is a great insulating fiber because of its hollow porous structure. In order to imitate the structure of the polar bear's hair, bai hao research group developed a kind of frozen spinning technology. They make silk dissolved in the water as moisture content 95% of spinning solution, the spinning solution with syringe slowly into freezer, formation of monofilament fiber is about 200 microns in diameter, then by freezing dry the fiber of ice sublimation left many orderly surface layer hole.

The research team found that the thermal conductivity of the biomimetic fibers was lower than that of polar bears and that thermal insulation was superior to those of polar bears. To further confirm the performance of the bionic fiber, the team wove the biomimetic material into a small bionic fabric covering a rabbit. Experiments have shown that in - 10 ℃ to 40 ℃ environment, an infrared camera cannot detect almost covered by bionic fabric organisms heat, to achieve "stealth"


The rabbit did not wear a vest, a lab coat, and a "polar bear vest" in the infrared camera. The rabbit, with its arctic bearskin, barely observed the heat of the organisms covered by the bionic fabric, and achieved "invisibility". Source of advanced materials