new kinds of yarn in trend in this season

Breaking cocoon and nirvana, the ultimate bloom. Adopt "green" raw materials to realize the gorgeous turn from corn to PLA fiber, fine denier and cross-linked new solvent method to regenerate cellulose fiber to achieve the exquisite impression of laisel; research and develop "green" technology to give the fiber the original color, reduce the energy consumption of dyeing and finishing, and help low-carbon environmental protection; create "green" recycling process from physical method to chemical method, from polyester to continuous extension Extended to other varieties, quality comparable to the original. Green fiber will play an extreme role in sustainable development and realize resource recycling and environmental protection. Think wisely and think differently.

Innovation has penetrated into the soul of Chinese fibers. Chinese fibers have never stopped exploring, integrating with new elements such as zinc ions, nano photocatalytic factors, carbon nanotubes, halogen-free flame retardants, etc., to create bacteriostasis, odor elimination, conductivity and flame retardant performance upgrading. The research and development of seaweed extraction, film expansion, air assisted electrostatic spinning, electret melt blown spinning and other technologies help the fiber to shine in the medical fields such as masks and protective clothing To meet the consumers' pursuit of comfort, health and safety, and to achieve a relaxed and happy spirit.

To pursue and achieve excellence. See the real chapter for the details. The craftsmanship of soft fiber is shown in the tiny light of "folded without leaving trace" and in the considerate and subtle "moistening without sound". The quality of elastic fiber is reflected in the "moving and static" freedom of retraction and release, shaping a close fitting comfort and creating a new functional experience trend. The preciseness of "more points, more overflows, less points, less losses" shows the precise control of subtleties.