new popular trends of yarn

new popular trends of yarn

January 20 evening

The annual Victoria's secret show takes off in Shanghai

This is the first time that Victoria's secret show has been held in Asia

This year's  show is divided into six themes, respectively is: Punk Angel ,Porcelain Angels , A Winter 's by Tate, Millennial Nation country , Goddesses  and Nomadic Adventure .



Punk Angel

The theme of Punk Angel is cooperation with Balmain, and it is also the first time that Victoria's company has cooperated with other clothing brands. The products displayed on the show are only part of the show, and the series will also be sold after the show.

Exaggerated accessories, rivets and pins, ripped jeans, leather, grated, these are the hottest elements on the street this year in Victoria's secret runway, sexy and powerful.


Porcelain Angels

The most striking aspect of the Porcelain Angels is the blue and white Porcelain cloak that the Angels are wearing, and the hand-drawn blue and white Porcelain designs are fresh and graceful. D came to China for the first time, this topic seems to be more graceful and restrained veiled word Chinese wind in a express, compared to traditional longfeng, red, Chinese knot, such as symbols, such integration more modernized.


A Winter 's by Tate

This time of A Winter 's theme by Tate, joined the many ethnic elements in A piece of white - from the tassel and long hang act the role ofing, to fluffy wings and bind the Roman shoes, foil out of the ten thousand kinds of different region amorous feelings.


Millennial Nation,

The theme of the Nomadic Adventure is a blend of diverse national cultures such as America and Africa, and the layered necklaces and colorful feathered wings embody the flavor of primitive freedom.



In the theme of Goddesses, the twelve models incarnate the elegant and elegant Greek goddess, crowned with golden olive branches, and draped in a light, airy cloak, which makes the female more feminine. In this theme, the details of the waist, arms, and the wings of plants or angels are very delicate and beautiful.


The Nomadic Adventure

The Millennial Nation is a must-have annual PINK theme for Victoria's secret. This year, the Millennial powder is integrated into this year's popular Millennial meal, with a sports-style outfit and a youthful feel of youth.


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