New solvent method for reproducing cellulose fiber

The preparation technology of

The regenerated cellulose was dissolved in the solvent system of NMMO/ water, and the regenerated cellulose solution was made by the new solvent method of dry spray wet spinning.


Fiber and product characteristics.

Main specifications:

Common cotton type: 1.11 dtex ~ 1.67dtex.

Normal medium length: 2.20 dtex ~ 3.30dtex.


Fiber performance and product characteristics:

(1) biological basis, green environmental protection, biodegradable.

(2) fiber dry, high wet strength, strong moisture absorption, good air permeability, affinity and comfort.

(3) good dyeing ability, easy coloring, washable, good color fastness.

(4) the fabric feels smooth and similar to silk, and the original fibrillation can achieve the effect of imitation peach skin.

(5) after the fabric is processed and the washing size is stable, it is easy to take care of.


Application field

It is used for high grade fashion, underwear, jeans, home textiles, medical supplies and baby products.