Nylon 66 DTY SD yarn used for parachute

Quick Details

  • Material:

  • 100% Nylon, 100% nylon 66

  • Yarn Type:

  • DTY

  • Pattern:

  • filament

  • Style:

  • filament yarn

  • Feature:

  • Anti-Pilling, High Tenacity

  • Use:

  • Knitting, Weaving

  • Twist:

  • not twisted

  • Evenness:

  • 97%

  • Yarn Count:

  • 40D/34F, 70D/24F,70D/68F

  • Strength:

  • >9.0g/d

  • Place of Origin:

  • Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

  • Lustre:

  • SD

  • High Tenacity:

  • 9.0g/d

  • Specification:

  • 40D/34F, 70D/24F, 70D/ 68F

Packaging & Delivery

  • Packaging Details:

  • Neutral carton packing or as your requirement

  • Delivery Detail:

  • with your quantity or 35 days later as usual


Nylon 66 DTY yarn SD 
1. Material: 100% Nylon 
2.Specification; 40D~70D .dty 
3.High Tenacity :9.0g/d



Product Description



Nylon 66 DTY Yarn SD

Material 100% Nylon
 lustre Semi-dull
 Type DTY Yarn
 High Tenacity 9.0g/d
 Nylon 66 dty yarn spec 40D/34F, 70D/24F, 70D/ 68F
 Evenness 95%
 Packing Neutral carton packing
 Grade AA
 Usage knitting and weaving



1)  Soft hand feeling and Semi-dull

2) High tenacity is good for knitting and weaving, it is a new product developed by our company .

3)we produce the specifaction is 40d/34f, 70d/24f, 70d/68f dty

4)Neutral carton packing or as your requirement



PA6&PA66 High Tenacity TBR FDY7.5~8.5g/d

20D/7F/12F/14F, 25D/34F30D/34F, 50D/34F/68F70D/34F, 100D/34F/68F200D/96F, 250D/96F300D/96F


PA6&PA66 High Tenacity Sewing Thread TBR 7.5~8.5g/d

70D/2/3, 100D/2/3210D/2/3, 280D/2/3410D/2/3, 630D/2/3840D/2/3, 1000D/2/3


PA6&PA66 High Tenacity Semi-Dull  FDY 9.0g/d

20D/7F/12F/14F25D/34F, 30D/34F50D/34F/68F, 300D/96F100D/34F/68F200D/96F, 250D/96F


PA6&PA66 High Tenacity  Sewing Thread Semi-Dull 9.0g/d

70D/2/3, 100D/2/3210D/2/3, 280D/2/3410D/2/3, 630D/2/3840D/2/3, 1000D/2/3


PA66 DTY, Semi-Dull

40D/34F, 70D/24F70D/68F, 70D/48FPA6 DTY, SD


PA6&PA66 High Tenacity Monofilament Yarn


0.08MM~0.50MMDIN200&King Spool


Nylon series product is our company's flagship product, high strength nylon 6 and nylon 66 series products our company features of products, we are specializing in the production of high strength nylon sewing thread,FDY,DTY Including : SD. TBR

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