other reasons of fabric dyeing problem

Other quality defects

1. Finishing agent stains

There are many kinds of finishing, which are no less important and influential to textiles than dyeing. Defects in finishing will inevitably occur in the process of finishing. In the process design in order to shorten the production process and save time, the soft, antistatic, waterproof and oil-proof finishing is often carried out together. However, due to the compatibility problem of various auxiliaries, it is more likely to cause the appearance of finishing agent spots, spots and other defects.

And some finishing defects are unrepairable for a multicolor yarn or fabric. Such as using organic silicone softener for cotton fiber dispersion fiber, single yarn bobbin yarn after dyeing and finishing are often in the process of dyeing machine, and after years of continuous use of such softener are formed on the walls of processing equipment and pipeline gathered themselves together, and a certain degree of accumulation may suddenly dropped to cause silicone oil stains on the fiber, and fiber silicone oil stains removal is very difficult; In addition, the effect of finishing auxilary is required to be durable, but the better the durability, the greater the difficulty will be.

For example, organosilicone softener, fluorine-type finishing agent and coating agent are all varieties with excellent durability but difficult to remove. Therefore, in the application of this kind of reagent, it is necessary to avoid backrepair as far as possible, and the use process is meticulous and standardized.

2. Pilling

Pilling is easy to occur for unmercerized singed fabrics such as polyester/cotton blended, polyester/viscose blended and polyester/nitrile blended.

Crepe printing crepe strip

Large area wrinkle printing is one of the problems caused by the loose dyeing method, and its root is mainly caused by the dyeing form of the dyeing machine and its equipment characteristics. Anti-wrinkle agent is beneficial to avoid the appearance of wrinkle printing in the liquid jet dyeing machine. The difference of the shrinkage rate of the fabric in the dyeing bath will also lead to the appearance of crease, while the straight crease is mainly due to the lack of control and prevention in the tight open-width dyeing equipment system. Therefore, the technological process should be strictly controlled.

4. Post-finishing is not up to the standard

Functional finish such as soft, waterproof and antistatic. If the functional index is not reached, the finishing can be done again, but for the functional index saturation point of some finishing AIDS, experimental identification should be made, otherwise the effect of repeated finishing is not great.

source: Shen Dun Sha Xian