paper and fiber (new materials)

Marine biological chitosan fiber.

Our paper towels family is a very close friend of human beings.

Health is of course a must.

We have chitosan fibers.

Our bacteriostatic ability has increased a lot.


The chitosan fibers are.

Extraction technology of chitosan from shrimp and crab shell.

The spinning solution is prepared with high viscosity.

It has long - acting antibacterial function to fungi and many kinds of bacteria.

And ecological environment protection, human affinity high.

Apply to face mask, sanitary napkin these girls must supplies.


It is made of spandex.

The important members of our tissues.

Children's diapers, lala pants, adult health care products.

It has its shape.


It is the wei material use spandex.

It has high strength, high stress, high elongation,

Large static friction, good creep resistance and strong fatigue resistance.

Eisai is well solved with spandex.

Non - woven fabric and skin tight fit problem.

Meet everyone's requirements for health and comfort.